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Enriching the lives of young children under the direction of highly qualified educators in the field, Kinderhouse offers several innovative and quality educational programming in a beautifully designed classroom environment, combining an integrative approach to Montessori, Reggio, arts & child development for children ages 2-5.

Our emphasis on the critical early skill sets and building blocks for successful learning and development in daily activities incorporates consistent feedback loops for families through our unique assessment, documentation processes and evaluation tools measuring children's learning, cognition and executive functioning skills throughout the year.

Registered families in our licensed childcare programs qualify for

affordability grants and subsidies.


Associate Member School- Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta


Associate Member School- International Montessori Society


Member Organization- Association for Childhood Education International


Nationally Recognized Organization by CNAL on Canada's Map of Arts & Learning

Program Offerings for 2022-2023


Ages 2-3

An intimate, educational and play-based small-group program for two and young three-year-olds not yet potty-trained. Where wonder and imagination collide...

Preschool & Jr. Kindergarten

Ages 3-5

A comprehensive early childhood curriculum combining the philosophies of Montessori, Reggio, Gardner’s MI theory and arts-integrated learning. 

Cognitive and Executive Functioning Tracking provided.

Kindergarten Enrichment

Ages 5-6

Our innovative and comprehensive Kidemics curriculum ensures the important early learning skill sets and developmental milestones are maintained and expanded upon through continual educational enrichment.

Cognitive and Executive Functioning Tracking provided.

Performing & Visual Arts Classes

Ages 3 & Up - Seasonal extra-curricular lunch time or after-school programs

Extend your child’s morning or afternoon through music (piano), dance, drama, visual arts classes taught by our specialists right on site utilizing premium arts-integrated curricula.

Literacy Village Classes

Ages 3 & Up - Seasonal extra-curricular lunch time or after-school programs

Literacy Village provides literacy enrichment as well as special tools and techniques in reading, writing and spelling, to develop confident readers and writers. Give your child a head start for dramatic impact. 

Active Movement Classes

Ages 2 & Up - Seasonal extra-curricular lunch time or after-school programs

Children enjoy sports, develop teamwork as well as engage in sports techniques and drills during the lunch-hour. Both indoor as well as outdoor activities are incorporated.

Summer Programs

Ages 2 - 6

A week-long theme-based exploration integrating arts, sports and S.T.E.M.! Both half and full day options available!


We invite you to visit our new location in Royal Oak! 
We are offering programming for children
ages 2 up to 6 years beginning March '22!

To book a tour please submit an inquiry form.

Hear what they're saying about us

“Kinderhouse! Incredibly enriched programming that touches on and incorporates so many aspects of learning! I am astonished time and time again by the material the children are presented with and the level and depth of learning they are achieving! The staff is wonderful and the room is always filled with squeals of delight because the content and activities are simply amazing - so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful school!"


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