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Literacy Village Classes

Ages 3 & Up

Literacy Village targets the fundamentals of literacy: reading, phonemic awareness and spelling, and writing essentials! 

Literacy is very crucial and foundational for children's success in school as all subject areas depending on your child's abilities in literacy: reading, writing and spelling!

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About Literacy Village

Literacy Village was designed to provide an enriching and rewarding experience for students who require additional strategies in reading, writing, and spelling. These three main areas of literacy are explored and students are provided with the appropriate skills and tool in which they can feel comfortable in applying in order to achieve their goals.


Sessions are ten weeks in length. Each student is provided with his/her own binder with work that is documented and recorded. The teacher will provide appropriate activities for each student as he/she works at his/her own pace. Along with additional practice and a weekly reading material sent home, the student can feel at ease knowing that it is a collaborative effort with both the teacher and parents.


Some examples of skills covered include but are not limited to; the key quality traits of writing, spelling, phonetics, fine motor such as letter placement, sight words, fluency in reading, word building, comprehension and sentence structure and grammar.

  • Program Days: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

  • Tuition: $20 per one hour class

  • Session Length: 10 weeks

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