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Performing & Visual Arts Classes 

Ages 3 & Up

Kinderhouse offers various affordable and quality-infused performing and visual arts programs during the lunch hour. Extend your child’s morning or afternoon and have him or her take music (piano), dance, drama, and visual arts classes taught by our specialists right on-site utilizing premium arts-integrated curricula combining both education and technique development in the arts! 

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About Our Programs

Our educational lunch-time programs have been revamped and improved! We are offering an exceptional array of programs during the lunch hour at an affordable cost! What is unique about our performing arts, visual arts and sports programs is that we feature not only skill development, but also a strong educational themes integration for a holistic approach. We know that the early years are crucial for brain development and investment in good education yields immeasurable results. With the exception of Family Music and Literacy Village,  programs run from 11:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. thus extending your child's day at preschool. For morning students, your child can stay an additional hour after their preschool session to enjoy sports, dancercise, art, drama or stem-based classes (and in the winter piano class). For afternoon classes, children can be dropped off an hour earlier to enjoy the various programs and then transition directly into preschool afterward. We do provide children a snack at preschool, however, we recommend sending a snack along for the lunch hour if this is necessary for your child. The list of program offerings is below. Kindly be reminded that classes for programs are limited to 6-12 students only.

Please register early to avoid disappointment. 


Our DRAMAGINATION class facilitates CREATIVE Drama and theatre PLAY in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment. Using a variety of drama games and activities, several topics will be explored including, but not limited to: storytelling, pretend play, role-playing, improvisation, puppetry, performance poetry, fairytales, movement, voice, animals, feelings and musical theatre. CREATIVE Drama develops and enhances social skills, self-confidence, speech and oral language skills, watching and listening skills, following directions, responsibility, kindness, sharing and patience.


  • Program Days: Mondays

  • Tuition: $10 per one hour class

  • Sessions: Fall/Winter/Spring, 10-12 weeks



A comprehensive dance and movement program that includes the basic elements of jazz, modern, ballet and... latin music for kids! DANCERCISE is a unique preschool program that incorporates beautiful and age-appropriate music and a full educational curriculum emphasizing healthy habits, educational topics (animals, growing, fall theme etc.), sign language, dance skills and techniques and yoga poses throughout. It's a comprehensive approach to dance and fitness education that stimulates the imagination, learning and gets kids active. Kinderhouse is the first preschool in Calgary to offer this comprehensive dance and fitness approach to its preschoolers!  Children must wear comfortable clothing.

  • Program Days: Wednesdays and Thursdays

  • Tuition: $10 per one hour class

  • Sessions: Fall/Winter/Spring, 10-12 weeks

Music for Mozarts (Piano)

An imaginative keyboard program specifically designed for preschool-aged children to provide a wonderful balance between the discipline necessary for playing the piano and the enjoyment of active music-making (singing, listening, movement) storytelling and theory work. Every week, children explore the adventures of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse as they discover the magic of the music room and learn to play notes on the piano. Musical skills and piano techniques will be covered in a non-competitive and playful approach to music learning on the piano.


  • Program Days: Tuesdays and Fridays

  • Tuition: $20 per one hour class, includes music bag, books, cds, flashcards and plush puppets

  • Sessions: Fall/Winter & Winter/Spring, 16 weeks


Family Music for Toddlers

We are pleased to partner with Musikgarten, the premier music program in North America, to bring you the best in music and movement education. An educational environment centered around music and arts explorations and which offer developmentally appropriate learning activities is an enriching and joyful experience for both parents and children. When nurtured in a child's early years, the rewards of a solid musical and creative arts education expand to provide immeasurable results. While music forms the foundation of all our programs, your child will also engage in listening activities such as stories, poems and chants, as well as drama, dancing and multi-sensory and tumble play. Class time is educational, fun and purposeful. 


  • Program Days: Fridays

  • Tuition: $10 per 45 min class, includes music materials 

  • Sessions: Spring 8 weeks


Artzy Kidz offers creative visual arts explorations through various art media, techniques and tools to provide for skill development in visual literacy and creative arts in young preschoolers. This program combines painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking and fabric arts with the goal of providing young children an opportunity for creativity, self-expression and deepening their art skills. Children will learn the elements of composition, form and texture, as well as the proper care and use of art tools and materials.


  • Program Days: Mondays

  • Tuition: $10 per one hour class

  • Session: Fall/Winter/Spring

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Antics in the Kitchen

Our youngest chefs delight in artistic cuisine, food preparation and measurement, baking and decorating, table-setting while also attending to food and kitchen safety, nutrition and the science of food (an exploration into seeds, spices and plants). 

  • Program Days: Varied

  • Tuition: $10 per one hour class

  • Session: Winter

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