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Our Team

Dear Parents:

My Kinderhouse is the realization of a dream to provide quality preschool programming to young children. What began as mere research for learning that provides a solid foundation for future academic success, turned into a full vision for a comprehensive program: one that combines the best of the educational philosophies with an emphasis on academics, play and artistry. In 2008, I launched the Kinderhouse program from my home (hence the name) and within months, the waiting list was so extensive that together with a community of Kinderhouse parents, we expanded to provide programming for the broader community of Southwest Calgary. Today, our fabulous staff, support team and parent advisory board are privileged and proud to serve our families in the South West, South East, North West, North East of Calgary, Chestermere and Aruba through preschool education. We don't boast about how great we are, but how great our children are! 

My Background

My educational experience spans over two decades of serving and leading children in various ways: integrated arts instruction, primary elementary teaching (K-3), music and piano instruction and preschool education in both private as well as public school settings. My biggest passion is to integrate the three pillars of a quality educational program: academics, artistry and purposeful play. I have a doctorate in education, with a research specialty and expertise in early childhood education, curriculum policy analysis and early years arts education. I hold a Montessori certificate, and I am currently completing graduate certification in education law. l am involved as a member of various organizations committed to the well-being and care of young children. My passion for the arts extends to consulting and leading workshops internationally. Furthermore, as a member of various "by invitation only" international organizations, I am an avid advocate for quality early learning frameworks and sustainable family and cultural policy initiatives.

Thank you for allowing us to journey with you and your child during the most important years of his or her life! We look forward to getting to know you!

For the children,

Dr. Amoriza Gunnink, B.A., B.Ed., E.C.E., M.Ed., Ph.D., FRSA 
Founder & Proprietor

  • Teaching Award 2003, North York Retired Teachers Association (Toronto)

  • Finalist for the Alberta Excellence in Child Care Award 2011 & 2013

  • Member & Presenter: World Forum Foundation Curriculum Working Group

  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

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