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Active Movement Classes

Ages 2 & Up

Our educational lunch-time programs have been revamped and improved! We are offering an exceptional array of programs during the lunch hour at an affordable cost!


What is unique about our performing arts, visual arts and sports programs is that we feature not only skill development, but also a strong educational themes integration for a holistic approach. We know that the early years are crucial for brain development and investment in good education yields immeasurable results.


With the exception of Family Music and Literacy Village,  programs run from 11:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. thus extending your child's day at preschool. For morning students, your child can stay an additional hour after their preschool session to enjoy sports, dancercise, art, drama or stem-based classes (and in the winter piano class). For afternoon classes, children can be dropped off an hour earlier to enjoy the various programs and then transition directly into preschool afterward.


We do provide children a snack at preschool, however, we recommend sending a snack along for the lunch hour if this is necessary for your child. The list of program offerings are below. Kindly be reminded that classes for programs are limited to 6-12 students only. Please register early to avoid disappointment. 

Spark Sports

Sound bodies, sound minds! Kinderhouse offers the fantastic Sparks active curriculum program for young students. Children enjoy sports, develop teamwork as well as engage in sports techniques and drills during the lunch hour. An invigorating children’s yoga program is also incorporated during the last ten minutes of class to act as our cool down and relaxation exercises as we bring our sports session to a close. Both indoor, as well as outdoor activities, are incorporated as the weather allows. 

Tinker Studio

Moving beyond S.T.E.M. to embrace outside-the-box thinking in innovative ways, combining the arts, Tinker Studio is a special place created to foster playful tinkering and experimenting with S.T.E.M. elements through a hands-on inventive projects. Special emphasis is placed on an integrative approach through the arts, with activities designed to elicit creative, analytical and problem-solving skills. Our Tinker Studio is not product-focused but a process, emphasizing facilitation of thought through investigations, questions and ideas for deeper conceptual development and artistic connections. 

Tinker Studio


Our outdoor stewardship program, KidVentures, aims to develop a sense of understanding and respect for nature and the environment through shared outdoor experiences. Using safety-oriented, creative and fun outdoor activities, children will learn how to live in harmony with nature and foster a sense of community within it. Imagine tracking animal footprints in the snow, following treasure maps through our forested area, building compost and gardening throughout the year, learning about bear safety, and building a Quinzhee (snow igloo), learning how to pitch a tent, zip-lining safely. We promote outdoor stewardship fun through our various outdoor zones and nature play, all while gaining valuable skills such as map-reading and map-making, how to build outdoor shelters, wild animal awareness and safety, and appropriate outdoor dress.

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Kids Yoga 

This developmentally appropriate yoga for kids class blends story-telling, yoga poses, breathing techniques, mindfulness, music, singing and movement in a physical literacy approach that develops a peaceful mind, an imaginative soul, strength, coordination, balance and flexibility. Either at the beginning of class or at the end of class, Kids Yoga is a great addition to children's preschool day.

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