Preschool Ages 3 & 4


With our exceptional student-teacher ratio of 6:1, preschoolers will receive the attention they deserve at such a young age. Enjoy a lovely morning or afternoon to yourself while we provide your child with quality and educational activities and learning explorations guided by qualified early childhood educators! Our classroom setting is exquisite with beautiful and quality materials and in-depth curriculum. Children also enjoy large outdoor grounds, outdoor play and gardening!

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Subsidies available to qualifying families.



Program Outline:
Each family can choose to register for the session that is most suitable, from one to five days per week. Families can also register for the entire year. Sessions are held from Monday-Friday mornings or afternoons. 

The features of our weekly sessions are:

  • Small group sessions, three hours in length. Only six students in each session!

  • Language arts, mathematics and science using both Montessori & Reggio

  • Practical life and sensorial explorations, STEM experiments as well as arts-based materials, story-time and block play.

  • Movement activities for developing coordination, body awareness and control,  and exploration of space and “tumble time.”

  • Music play enjoying quality musical instruments such as rhythm sticks, jingles, rattles, drums, and resonator bars exploring songs and rhymes.

  • Outdoor play and nature explorations.

  • A healthy snack will be provided to your child.

Our program offerings are as follows:
Families can choose any morning or afternoon combination, once weekly or more sessions. Take time for yourself while we provide your child a comprehensive learning experience!

Only $25 per session.