Kinderhouse Aruba

Aruba is the home country of the founder of our Kinderhouse program. It is an honour to bring the unique and innovative Kinderhouse program and approach to early education to the children of Aruba. Kinderhouse Aruba offers a beautiful campus including outdoor and nature education. The open-concept classrooms flow naturally from indoor to outdoor.  The learning environment  is designed to combine the best of the philosophical approaches, aesthetics and innovation in early education.


Our community hub model provides for a variety of educational programs serving Aruban children through full and part-day options with a focus on building a solid foundation in the early years. 


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Fall Preschool
Fall Preschool

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Preschool & Jr. Kindergarten (Ages 3-5)

Our innovative and comprehensive approach to early childhood education combines the best of Montessori, Piaget, Reggio, Gardner and Arts-based educational methods and philosophies with the purpose of nurturing children’s social, emotional, intellectual, physical and character growth.

Sr. Kindergarten Enrichment (Age 5-6)

In our Kidemics program, children will continue the developmental and academic milestones achieved through an enriched kindergarten program. Children attending kindergarten in the public or private system are welcome to attend two, three or five half day kindergarten classes at Kinderhouse. Our Kindergarten enrichment program combines Reading, Writing, Spelling, Mathematics, Culture, Geography and History, as well S.T.E.M. projects, Sports and Outdoor Stewardship. Continue your child's Kinderhouse achievements without a developmental lag or loss! 

Performing & Visual Arts Programs (Ages 3 & up)

Extend your child’s morning or afternoon and have him or her take music (piano), dance, drama, visual arts classes taught by our specialists right on site utilizing premium arts-integrated curricula.

Literacy Village (Ages 3 & up)

Literacy Village provides literacy enrichment as well as special tools and techniques in reading, writing and spelling, to develop confident readers and writers. Give your child a head start for dramatic impact.  

KidVentures (Ages 3 & up)

Our new outdoor program, KidVentures, aims to develop a sense of understanding and respect for nature and the environment through shared outdoor experiences. Using safety-oriented, creative and fun outdoor activities, children will learn how to live in harmony with nature and foster a sense of community within it. Imagine tracking animal footprints in the snow, following treasure maps through our forested area, building a compost and gardening throughout the year, learning about bear safety, and building a Quinzhee (snow igloo), learning how to pitch a tent, zip lining safely. We promote outdoor stewardship fun through our various outdoor zones and nature play, all while gaining valuable skills such as map-reading and map-making, how to build outdoor shelters, wild animal awareness and safety, and appropriate outdoor dress.

Tinker Studio: STEAM (S.T.E.M. & Arts) Program (Ages 3 & up)

Kinderhouse is pleased to offer Tinker Studio: specialized classes in Science, Technology, Engineering and Technology through an innovative arts integrated approach during the lunch hours for our preschoolers (beginning Fall 2019).

Active (Sports) Programs (Ages 3 & up)

Children enjoy sports, develop teamwork as well as engage in sports techniques and drills during the lunch-hour. Both indoor as well as outdoor activities are incorporated.

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